We promote the voices of Palestinian citizens of Israel and advocate for their civil and human rights.

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who we are

Friends of Mossawa is a US based sister organization of the Mossawa Center in Israel.

We provide a platform and voice for the Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel in North America in order to influence public discourse surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process.

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Our work

We work to raise awareness among the North American public about the inequality and discrimination facing the Palestinian Arab community in Israel.

We host and participate in events across North America in order to educate the public about the issue.

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how you can help

You can contact us to learn more about our work, schedule a meeting, and participate in or help organize an event.

In addition, we encourage you to donate to us and help grow in our outreach and awareness raising.

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Our Vision

The fulfillment of all civil and human rights to all Palestinians.

Our Mission

To change public discourse in North America by providing a voice for the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel through awareness raising, education, and advocacy.

about us

Friends of Mossawa is a non-profit sister organization of the Mossawa Center based in the United States.

The Mossawa Center, the Advocacy Center for Palestinian Arab citizens in Israel, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1997 that aims to promote the economic, social, cultural and political rights of the Palestinian Arab citizens in Israel, and the recognition of this community a national indigenous minority, with their own national, cultural and historical distinctiveness. The Center develops programs to promote a democratic society, and acts against all forms of discrimination based on race, nationalism, religious affiliation, social status, gender, and disabilities.

Friends of Mossawa extends the work and reach of the Mossawa Center by promoting the civil rights of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, raising awareness about the inequality and discrimination they face, and educating the North American public about the issues facing their community.

Our work includes meeting with public officials such as Congress members and Senators, hosting events, and fundraising.

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Jafar Farah
Mossawa Center Founder
Suha Salman Mousa
Mossawa Center Executive Director