The mossawa center works to uplift the palestinian arab community in israel through socio-economic justice, community advocacy, lobbying, and more.

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The mossawa center works on community outreach in order to combat issues such as poverty, violence, political PARTICIPATION, and activism.

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the mossawa center focuses heavily on empowering the youth of the palestinian arab community in israel.

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What is the mossawa center?

The Mossawa Center, the Advocacy Center for Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, was established in 1999 to promote the economic, social, cultural, and political rights of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel and the recognition of this community as a national indigenous minority with its own national, cultural, and historical distinctiveness. The Mossawa Center seeks to promote a democratic society and acts against all forms of discrimination.

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What kind of work does it engage in?

The Mossawa Center works on a vast number of issues ranging from governmental advocacy grassroots advocacy to community outreach and media advocacy. The Mossawa Center focuses primarily on government and international advocacy, youth empowerment, economic research, and state budget analysis. The Mossawa Center also works on strengthening Palestinian Arab society through capacity and network building, as well as on outreach to the Jewish community and collaboration with Palestinians in the OPT.

What's our relationship With the mossawa center?

Friends of Mossawa was founded in order to fill a gap in North America where the voices of the Arab Palestinian minority in Israel seldom reach mainstream audiences. We aim to raise awareness of the work of the Mossawa Center and the challenges facing the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel. Moreover, we work to strengthen the Mossawa Center’s network and reach abroad, coordinate events with the Mossawa Center and its partners, as well as recruit financial and moral support for the Mossawa Center in North America.

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