Mossawa Center

Mossawa Center’s Youth Program helps kids in underfunded school prepare to meet international Ambassadors

Mossawa Center Staff
May 29, 2023

February 2023 will see the cumulation of a youth project Mossawa Center started last July.  Sofia Nasra and Ibrahim Khalilye,Mossawa Center’s youngest staffers, have led a program at Muutanbi Middle and High School in Haifa. This is the only public school in the city and the school consists of only Arab students from a lower socio-economic background who cannot afford  the private school system. Moreover, the school is heavily underfunded and neglected by the government of Israel. Nasra and Khalilye run programs for these 13-18 year olds that allow them to talk about the problems they face in a constructive way and focus on problem solving. On February 15th, North American and European Ambassadors to Israel will visit the school, and students will have the opportunity to share their stories and inform the officials about how Arab children in Haifa live.

The Mossawa Center will be in attendance for this meeting as they work closely with the students, some who even volunteer at the Center or go on to live in the Mossawa Center dorms as college students. 

The Mossawa center is dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities and especially children in systematically neglected areas. The Center’s purpose is for equality for all and to make sure Arab citizens of Israel are not left out of the equation or conversation.

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