Press Release

Mossawa Center holds the Municipality of Acre and the Ministry of Housing responsible for the afflicted Abu Eish family

Mossawa Center Staff
May 29, 2023

Mossawa Center sent a letter to the Municipality of Acre and the Municipality Head, demanding them to assume their responsibilities towards the Abu Eish family, whose four homes were destroyed by the special police forces demolition authorities on February 14th.

The letter stated that despite the approval of the demolition orders by the court, this does not absolve the municipality of its responsibilities of providing living and municipality services to the afflicted Abu Eish family after they found themselves deprived of everything. In addition to the loss of the family's material possessions, including belongings and educational materials for its children, the family suffers from a bad psychological state as a result of the uprooting of their homes and  the fact that they are resorting to tents to shelter themselves in the same location where their homes once stood.

The Center demanded in its letter that the municipality of Acre provide psychological support to the family, in addition to providing decent housing solutions in the same location; especially after The Israeli Lands Authority issued an eviction order for the families, even from the tents they currently live in.

A delegation from Mossawa Center visited the families in an expression of solidarity with their case. Mossawa Center Director, Jafar Farah, explained the possibilities of  parliamentary, legal and media action with the family. The Center staff emphasized the importance of providing school supplies such as books, stationery and school bags to those family members who needed them to ensure their return to school.

It is worth noting that this destruction comes after a long series of confrontations in Acre. Arab citizens were attacked in October 2008 in what was described as a racist hate crime that led to the demolition of Arab homes in the city. And in the May 2021 uprising, when events erupted across the country and the occupied territories, violence erupted in Acre too.

Farah, said in a statement: "This is part of the current bloody plan of the settler government. Demolishing homes and leaving residents alone is only one episode in a series of incitement to violence against our people in Acre and other mixed cities, as well as our people in the Naqaab, to legitimize the attacks on Arabs, as happened in Hawara a few days ago, in May 2021, and in October 2000.”

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